Draper Mayor Troy Walker

“Marsha Vawdrey is an example of the best Draper has to offer. Her commitment and passion for our great city dates back to her teenage years. She is a dedicated public servant and always puts you, the taxpayer, first.”

Former Draper Mayor Darrell Smith

“We need Marsha Vawdrey re-elected to serve on the Draper City Council. Marsha has proven to be a dedicated and reasonable council member. The knowledge she has gained in her service on both the Draper Planning Commission and the Draper City Council, has benefited Draper for many years. Marsha’s commitment to study the issues, demonstrates her true love and concern for Draper’s future. Please join me in voting to keep Marsha Vawdrey on the Draper City Council.”

Tasha Lowery, Draper City Council

As a council member, Marsha is a voice for both our past and our future. She is not the loudest voice in the room, but she’s often the most educated and knowledgeable. She puts in countless hours studying the issues and listening. I respect Marsha as a peer and I am proud to call her a friend. I am glad to endorse Marsha Vawdrey for Draper City Council.” 

Mike Green, Draper City Council

“It is my pleasure to endorse Marsha Vawdrey for Draper City Council. I have been on the Council for nearly two years now and have worked with her almost daily on tough projects. Marsha is prepared, thoughtful, and willing to make tough decisions. I have no reservations and expressly trust Marsha to keep Draper on the right  track.”

Alan Summerhays, Draper City Council

“Marsha Vawdrey truly loves Draper and has always been involved in serving the community. She comes to meetings prepared and works with other council members to accomplish  the city’s work. I support Marsha for re-election.”

Jeff Stenquist, Current Utah House of Reps, Draper City Council 2006-2017

“I’ve worked with Marsha Vawdrey for many years and know her to be hard-working, dedicated, honest and a person of integrity. I fully support and endorse her campaign for re-election to the city council and encourage you to join me.”


Dan McCay, State Senator

“Draper needs Marsha Vawdrey to continue serving on the city council. Her leadership on the council has Draper in a position to build for the future while protecting Drapers rich Heritage. Please join me in supporting Marsha Vawdrey for Draper City Council.”

Mary Squire, Draper City Planning Commissioner

“Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss a multitude of issues facing Draper with Marsha. She consistently demonstrates a commitment to fully study and understand the matters that come before the city council.  I’ve observed the respect she shows to Draper citizens as they voice their concerns and opinions on those matters. Marsha demonstrates her love for Draper through her sincere regard for the issues and the citizens.”

Bill Rappleye, Draper City Council 2010-2017

“I support and endorse Marsha Vawdrey because she is trustworthy, service driven, very experienced with Draper City issues, and extremely knowledgeable in making choices that carefully move Draper ahead!”

Pete Larkin, Draper City Council 2004-2007

“As a longtime resident of Draper myself, I am grateful for the lifetime of service that Marsha has given to our city. Over the past two decades she has served Draper quietly and selflessly in many different ways. Now, as a 6-year veteran of the City Council, she is known for being thoughtful and prepared, and a calm voice of reason and fairness. Marsha has been an excellent member of the City Council for the past 6 years and I hope you will join me in the great honor of supporting Marsha in her re-election campaign this year.”









Happy Fourth of July

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Draper City Election Information

Three City Council seats will be open in the 2019 Draper City Municipal Election. Each Council seat is at-large for a 4-year term. Persons interested in becoming a candidate for office must file a Declaration of Candidacy in...