As a third generation Draper resident, Marsha Vawdrey has been actively involved in this community through many different roles. As a teen, she helped prepare the cemetery for Memorial Day and was very active in Draper Days. She later served in the Willow Neighborhood Group, the Historical Park Fundraising Committee, Community Foundation, Draper Days, Salt Lake County Fair Board, Save Corner Canyon, Draper City Planning Commission and in many other capacities. 

Marsha and her husband Doug served as the organizers of the Draper Days Rodeo for seven years. Under their leadership the rodeo grew from a small event to a “standing room only” crowd. It was hard work and dedication that resulted in this event becoming so popular. Their work on the Draper Rodeo is one of the Vawdrey family’s favorite memories. 

When the water company made plans to develop Corner Canyon, Marsha got involved. Continuing her legacy of service, she became an organizing member of the citizens group Save Corner Canyon that rallied the support of the Draper community to pass a $7 million-dollar bond. These efforts allowed the City to purchase property and place it in a conservation easement. 

Her commitment to the city has helped keep it well balanced and has led to smarter growth strategies. She served nine years as a member of the Draper City Planning Commission where she aggressively studied each issue that came before the commission. Her reputation was one of objectivity and fairness to all sides of an issue and was known as a voice of reason to the body.  

For the past six years, Marsha has served diligently on the Draper City Council where she was twice elected by her colleagues to be the Mayor Pro Tempore. She is respected and supported by her fellow Council Members and Draper Mayor Troy Walker because she is prepared, objective and reasonable. Taking her position seriously, Marsha regularly attends conferences and speaks with officials from surrounding communities to share best practices. 

Marsha and Doug are successful small business owners. Marsha’s role with the business focuses on management and finances. Her background has prepared her to be fiscally responsible and taught her how to make wise decisions while balancing a budget. Her perspective as a small business owner makes her uniquely qualified to make decisions related to smart growth, economic development and limiting government overreach. 

Marsha is the mother of four daughters and has 13 grandchildren. She is a respected contributing member of the Draper community and her proven track record speaks for itself.